Top 5 Activities to do in Denver, Colorado with Kids!

Denver, Colorado is a beautiful place full of outdoor activities, hiking, attractions and more. Being from Denver myself, I have compiled a list of our favorite things to do with our daughter.

Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo is our FAVORITE. Located in the heart of Denver, Colorado. It’s open year round and full of events, holiday lights and hands on activities for all ages. We do carry a membership here which paid for itself the first 3 times we used it and let me tell you, we’ve gone A LOT. During the summer, this is our go to place.

Check it out here

Kids Dig

Kids Dig is such a fun little play place located in Littleton, Colorado. A giant indoor sandbox filled with toys, tubes, and digging equipment for your child to enjoy. They do have an age limit on who can enjoy this play place, but it’s so fun to do with our toddler and she LOVES it!

Check it out here

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

This is such a fun museum full of hands on activities for all ages and so much to do and see. Located right in Downtown Denver. They offer so any fun events your kids can join in on, IMAX movies, and offer Free Days, too which is a total bonus.

Check it out here

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater

It wouldn’t be a Denver to do list without adding this one onto it. A must see in Denver whether you live here or you’re just visiting. Red rocks has so many things to see for your kids including climbing areas, hiking, views of the city and more. You’ll always find people here doing so many things. The amphitheater could also serve as a picnic spot for the family! If you’ve never seen a concert here either, HIGHLY recommend. On your way up to the park, you’ll hit a small town called Morrison. Filled with the cutest shops, food, and more!

Check it out here

Great Play Gym

This place is SO FUN. A giant indoor gym for all ages. Located in Cherry Creek. This is so good for kids because it offers activities for developing motor skills, coordination and fitness all in one. It’s also just a great place to get out your kiddos energy. They base their play and time on classes which you can enroll in if you’re a local, or you can drop in for free gym time which costs only $10!

Check it out here

There you have it! Stay tuned for more lists on activities here in Denver! We have so much fun living here and we know your kiddo will love these places, too!

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