Playhouse DIY Makeover, Little Tikes Cottage Playhouse

Little Tikes Cottage Playhouse; A Complete DIY Makover
Right now, our family is living in an apartment with a tiny 3×5 patio that is totally unsuitable for an outdoor playhouse. So, we opted for this house to be an indoor playhouse. Lucky for us, it fits perfectly in my daughters room and she LOVES the heck out of this playhouse.

The playhouse comes bright pink and purple which is totally NOT our aesthetic, so we needed to give this playhouse a MAJOR face lift. (Playhouse we used here)


4 cans White Spray Paint

2 cans Black Spray Paint

1 can Pink Peony Spray Paint (whatever color you want your door to be)

Hot Glue Gun

TO NOTE**** Make sure your spray paint is for plastic. I went with the Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover because its super durable on plastic.


Door Knob Pull

Number Decals

Acrylic Paint for Mailbox

Faux Plant for Planter Hanger

Yarn for Macrame Plant Holder

Welcome Doormat

Planter and Faux Flowers

Flower Doorbell

*the doorbell we have is no longer available but I linked a super cute option!

In total this project took me awhile, around 2 weeks, DON’T PANIC…only because I have a wild toddler and a husband who works out of town so my window of completion was nap time. I’m 100% positive this could be a weekend project in total for completion. Especially if you have a backyard or garage with space to paint! Shout out to naps because it’s about my only power hour for getting anything done.

First, you’ll need to set out a space to paint your walls. If you’re purchasing this item new, the great part is none of its put together so its super easy to lay out each individual piece for painting.

Once you’ve painted both front and back of your walls, you’ll need to make sure the door is coated SUPER WELL. Since it’s going to get the most use out of the entire playhouse, it would totally benefit from a clear coat. It’s a different plastic the the rest of the walls and roof, so the paint doesn’t like to stick as well as the rest.

You will need power tools if you’re looking to add your hardware. We used a power drill with a small bit to make a hole for the doorknob. Once we had all of our walls painted and our holes drilled for the hardware, I moved onto the small details on the house. I like to call it the frosting of the house, because it’s obviously the best part.

NOTE: Make sure you let your painted walls dry for over 48 hours, the paint adheres to the plastic better if you can give it the maximum dry time. The can suggests a 7 day dry time for it to fully adhere, but I did find it was set and good after about 48 hours.
Once I had everything painted, I used command strip hooks to place the doorbell onto the outside and inside of the wall of the front door. Super simple and way easier.

Next, add your doorknob to the door. I used a hot glue gun to make sure it stayed in place on the door since it’d he getting loads of use. I then added the number decals to the front of the house.

When I came across hot gluing the flowers into the pot, they would not stay in place for the life of them. So I just placed them in and they have stayed super well to my surprise. If you want to really keep those bad boys in, I’d suggest the floral foam you can purchase at the craft store and hot gluing it down after you cut it to size of the planter. Then you can add your flowers in for extra hold. I used more command strip hooks to hang the planter underneath the window. You will need your drill and drill bit to make tiny holes to tie on loops for them to hang onto the command hooks.

For the planter, I did a simple macrame yarn pot holder, which I will be doing a DIY on soon, so come back for that tutorial. I added my faux IKEA plant and hot glued it into a dowel rod which was the exact size of the flag holder that came with the house.

For the mailbox, which is already a part of the front wall, I painted it with black acrylic paint to make it stand out more on the house. You can choose whatever color you want. Gold would be so cute, too. Next, add your welcome mat for extra cuteness.

TA DA! This stunning playhouse makeover was a total hit and it was actually so simple to do.

If you do this makeover, PLEASE SHARE WITH ME. I’d love to see all your creative juices for this cute house.
Thanks so much for stopping by! Play on, babes!

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