25 Simple New Years Resolutions to Start Now.


I’m a firm believer in New Years Resolutions. There’s something about a new start to a year that just gives me a surge of motivation to accomplish new goals for the year. I have so many I want to accomplish this year, and man I am DETERMINED. Why does 2020 seem like even more of a boast to get your goals done this new year?

Also, how is it 2020…

Big or small, any change you’ve been wanting to make can be totally be taken off your mental to-do list this year.

I compiled a list of all the simple and small goals you can make for yourself, or just add more to your 2020 year of crushing it.

2020 Resolutions to start today

1 – Drink More Water.

Amazon has great water bottle options to give you motivation to drink more water! Link here

2 – De-clutter your home

3 – Plan out your meals for the week

Here’s an awesome weekly meal planner to help kick-start your goal. Link here

4 – Reduce your waste to the environment

5 – Walk outside more

6 – Give yourself 1 hour of self care a week.

7 – Use a gratitude journal

Here’s a great option to start! Link here

8 – Create a morning or evening routine

9 – Commit to less screen time

10 – Setup a monthly budget

11 – Clean out your email inbox

12 – Commit to a NO spend month

13 – Toss the toxins in your home

14 – Get together with friends more often

15 – Save more money

16 – Wake up earlier

17 – Donate to charity

18 – Create a weekly home cleaning schedule

19 – Clean out your closet & donate your old clothing

20 – Perfect a recipe you’ve been wanting to make

21 – Cancel your unused monthly subscriptions

22 – Read a new book

23 – Donate your time to serving the homeless

24 – Wash your face every morning and night

25 – Payoff a credit card

Small simple goals can always make a big difference to how you feel about your year ahead. I hope this list helped you. Leave your New Years Resolution that you plan on doing this year in the comments! I’d love to hear them.

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